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Presentation of credentials ceremony, by foreign ambassadors to the President of Belarus, hosted at Independence Palace for the first time

Green light for diplomats

Presentation of credentials ceremony, by foreign ambassadors to the President of Belarus, hosted at Independence Palace for the first time
By Vasily Kharitonov

Presentation of credentials ceremony, by foreign ambassadors to the President of Belarus, hosted at Independence Palace for the first time

Alexander Lukashenko:

You represent countries which are located on various continents and which have different histories and traditions. Meanwhile, we’re united by a natural desire to make our states more prosperous and the world around us more stable and fair. It is this approach which can become a solid foundation for efficient bilateral co-operation, as well as equal and constructive dialogue.

A special hall was allocated for this procedure. Everything is symbolic here; the bas-reliefs on the walls with lines from the Constitution, the Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Frantsisk Skorina. Between these lines, the most important can be read — we honour our cultural and historical heritage while appreciating our present, so we expect respectable attitude from our partners — the attitude which Belarusians always demonstrate towards their friends. In this atmosphere Mr. Lukashenko accepted credentials from diplomats from Australia, Greece, Italy, Cambodia, China, Serbia, Sudan and the Czech Republic.

New ambassadors have been somewhat lucky, as they assume their office just after we’ve celebrated a great holiday — Victory Day. Also, the IIHF World Championship also commenced on this day. The President noted that these events will help them understand the character of the Belarusian people. Our invaluable contribution in the defeat of fascism enables us to move forward along the chosen way with our heads held high. Numerous victims, brought to the altar of victory, testify our rejection of violence, as well as to our desire to live in peace and harmony with our neighbours and distant partners while defending our interests in the international arena. As far as the World Championship is concerned, what else can say more about Belarusian hospitality, friendship and amiability?

At the presentation of credentials ceremony

The President addressed each of the diplomats in turn. Everything is clear with China even without words — an all-round strategic partnership is an example of the highest level of interaction. We need only to continue reinforcing it. Mr. Lukashenko said he plans to tackle this issue as soon as possible with his big friend, President of China, Xi Jinping.

“I would like to emphasise that we place great hopes on the further strengthening of co-operation with the People’s Republic of China. The collaboration between our countries has grown into a comprehensive strategic partnership. It’s distinguished by an active political dialogue at the high and top levels,” said Mr. Lukashenko.

Cambodia is a repetitive of the region that Belarus continues to actively master — the South East Asia. A joint venture producing Belarusian tractors is already functioning here. “Our business co-operation  continues to gain momentum, but we already see good prospects. I’m convinced that the joint facility to manufacture Belarusian tractors that opened in the country this year will be the first step towards closer, mutually beneficial ties,” said the Belarusian leader. The prospects of co-operation will be tackled during the visit by the President of Belarus to this state, which will be scheduled soon.

Visits are also planned to a range of African states, as was noted by the President during his conversation with the Sudanese diplomat. This region is very promising.

Australia is also very interesting, but in order to strengthen interaction it’s necessary to learn about each other better. With this aim a Belarusian diplomatic representation will be opened this year in Canberra.

Belarus also boasts good relations with its old European partners. Italy was one of the first to provide assistance to Belarus in recuperating children from the Chernobyl-affected regions. This can’t be forgotten and is a guarantee of success for future joint projects. This is especially vital if we take into account that in H2 2014, Italy will take over the presidency of the European Union and from 2015 the Eurasian Economic Union will become operational. This is a good reason to enhance the level of bilateral dialogue, as well as with Europe as a whole. This was already tackled in dialogue with the ambassadors from Serbia, the Czech Republic and Greece.
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