Great match is expected

Belarus’ team to play against Russians for a place in the Federation Cup’s World Group

Belarus’ team to play against Russians for a place in the Federation Cup’s World Group. According to the recent draw, our team will play away in April to win a chance to join the world tennis elite.

Belarus’ women’s national team

On the eve of the draw, no easy matches were expected for our girls. Defeating the Canadians in a dramatic match, Belarusians reached the point where the next game would ensure qualification should they win. However, the match against Russia is seen as one of the most challenging.

Apart from the Russians, teams from Germany, Italy and Romania were among our possible rivals in the play-off round. Captain Eduard Dubrov commented on the future, “Any of the possible teams are strong rivals and none are easy options, especially Russia, there are no certainties that we will definitely win.”

However, many tennis lovers view Russia as the most unpredictable and interesting rival for Belarusians — primarily, due to its line-up. The Russian team leader, Maria Sharapova, has already completed her qualification for the Olympics. Belarus’ team leader, Victoria Azarenko, missed a match in Canada but, according to the International Tennis Federation, has also already qualified for the Olympics.

Fans have every reason to hope that Victoria and Maria (who has Belarusian roots) will play against each other as part of the tournament. If this happens, there will be a spectacular match.

By Dmitry Komashko
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