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Government ready to provide assistance in upgrading works

Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich urges the acceleration of upgrading of Belarusian enterprises at the Council of Minister’s Presidium
By Victor Kharitonov

Mr. Myasnikovich noted at the session of the Council of Ministers’ Presidium that it’s impossible to considerably increase labour productivity while using outdated production facilities and management approaches. New manufacturing facilities are required, alongside goods which reflect current trends and demand. “To achieve this, we need to build, reconstruct, retool and attract investments, while spending our own money wisely,” he stressed.

“At present, some of our ministries, enterprises and organisations are failing to fulfil the goals they have been assigned. Several are spending their own money ineffectively and that of investment funds. Speaking of modernisation and under performance, we need to look not only at statistical facts but at workforce performance,” noted Mr. Myasnikovich. “We need to admit that we lack the required level of responsibility; the performance of several enterprises and regions is failing to meet the expectations of the Head of State and of life itself.”

The Head of Government recalled that, in February 2012, the Council of Ministers instructed all heads of state agencies to complete relevant management decisions (within a month) to modernise existing jobs and create new ones. The aim is for GDP per capita to reach $60,000 by 2015. The instruction to draw up modernisation plans for each enterprise was reiterated in May. However, the expected results are yet to be achieved.

As an example, Mr. Myasnikovich noted that 70 percent of municipal enterprises are failing to fulfil their own business plans, with the exception of Brest, Vitebsk and Grodno regional executive committees. The situation is unsatisfactory in the Industry Ministry, which has failed to properly assign business plans to every enterprise. The PM has pointed to drawbacks in the operation of other ministries and agencies, including the Architecture and Construction Ministry, Bellesbumprom and Bellegprom. Individual regions are subject to criticism.

Mr. Myasnikovich drew attention to the importance of worthy investment projects, for which the Government is ready to provide support; however, he asserts that the number of polished investment projects for 2013 is currently insufficient.
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