Foreign diplomatic body, accredited in Minsk, was significantly renovated
Foreign diplomatic body, accredited in Minsk, was significantly renovated.

Ten ambassadors handled their letters of credence to the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Six of them represented the states of the European Union — Belgium, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Finland and Sweden. No wonder, that Alexander Lukashenko settled upon relations with this interstate association in detail. “The time has come to reconsider our relations cardinally, — he said. — We are neighbors, Belarus and the European Union have common interests — from antiterrorist protection, human traffic, illegal migration to economic security and an emerging role of Europe in international affairs”.

“We have never created problems for you, — the President continued the topic. — Vice versa, we are a very compulsory partner for you”. Alexander Lukashenko reminded the western ambassadors about interdependence: through the Belarusian territory half of the Russian oil and gas is delivered through transit, necessary for Europe, and Belarus, in its turn, exports to the European Union even more goods than to Russia. “By this and many other reasons we want normal relations with the European Union, — he explained his position to the diplomats. — I amasking you of one thing: respect and support our independent policy, and if it is necessary, help, as our independence is very young”. The President also made a business offer to the European ambassadors and with their help to the European Union states: “Let’s develop our trade and investment ties deeper”.

Great Britain is one of the leaders in the sphere of investments to Belarusian economy. “On the basis of the meaning of the United Kingdom as one of the leading world financial and economic centers, its role in the European affairs, exactly in London we organize the Belarus Investment Forum. Businessmen from all over the world were invited to take part in it”, — said Alexander Lukashenko.

The President called a special foreign policy direction the relations with Scandinavian countries. Minsk greets the dialogue with Stockholm, which has significantly been activated. “We consider the new approach elements, being contained in the offer about the “eastern partnership”, and the decision of Sweden to open the embassy in Minsk, as very important initiatives”, — noted Alexander Lukashenko, turning to the ambassador Stefan Ericsson.

As for cooperation with the other states, the ambassadors of which handled the letters of credence to the President, Alexander Lukashenko, in particular, expressed “great satisfaction with the character of relations with Venezuela”. According to him, this is one of the priorities of Belarusian foreign policy. During several years two states managed to increase the sales turnover to a billion of US Dollars.

The President also noted positive dynamics of cooperation with Iran. “We are interested in realization of all agreements. Firstly, in agreements, fixed during my meetings with the president Makhmud Akhmadinezhad”, — he underlined.

Australia and Nigeria are two more countries, which accredited their ambassadors in Minsk.
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