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Belarus is one of the largest exporters of dairy products, responsible for 5 percent of world exports

We’re used to good products of high quality, solidly made, under controlled conditions, and from natural ingredients. While Russia is trying to return from technical specifications to GOST, and while the US is putting pressure on the EU regarding admittance of their GM foods, we treat our visitors to natural sausages rivalling famous Bavarian and Nuremberg sausages.

Savushkin Product JSC performs regular export supplies to more than 20 countries of the world

And what about our milk? Together with Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Argentina, Belarus is one of the largest exporters of dairy products, responsible for 5 percent of world exports (11 percent for butter alone). Particularly popular are products from Snov and Postavy, Savushkin Product or Babushkina Krynka. Such status did not fall from the sky; we worked hard for it, through investment and effort. Now, we are seeing results.

Figures show that Belarus is an unquestioned CIS leader for various spheres of agricultural production. We slaughter more meat per capita than neighboring Russia (113kg vs 62kg) and produce almost two and a half times as much milk as Kazakhstan (707kg against 293kg per capita). Regarding potatoes, we lead, with Ukraine in second place (663kg against 551kg). Only in grains and legumes do we lag behind Ukraine (1,485kg against our 1,009kg); however, we are ahead of Kazakhstan.

Ukraine and Kazakhstan are both farming nations but Belarus sets a good example. Our volume of agricultural products (in comparable prices over the last 10 years) has increased by more than a third! Production of eggs and milk has increased by a quarter, grain by 50 percent, and meat by more than 75 percent. Belarus has ensured its food security, providing the country with essential meat (126 percent of needs), milk (212 percent), eggs (130 percent) and potatoes (109 percent).

Belarus ranks among the top twenty for food exports; among the main five foods, it is in the top ten. We do not have the climate of Italy or the United States, of Turkey or, even, Ukraine, yet our hard work (especially significant and demonstrative for dairy farming) proves that determination goes a long way.

By Andrey Antonov
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