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Good image promotes high status

According to July 2011 data, the Belarusian State University was ranked 1,208th in the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities. Another survey, published in late January, shows that the BSU has jumped over 365 places, to occupy 843th place. However, what does this really indicate?

By Yulia Senkovets

“The most vital investigations of scientists are usually published in authoritative journals and on the Internet, making them available to everyone. Spanish Webometrics relies on analysis of materials of the World Wide Web, with rankings calculated from the number and quality of scientific publications, the number of site citations on the Internet, the presence of a web page and special files. World recognition of each university is also taken into account,” explains Victor Samokhval, Director of the BSU’s Education Development Centre.

The Spanish Laboratorio de Internet research laboratory believes that these criteria best determine the efficiency of university work in the 21st century. Taking into account the rankings, many universities clearly need to promote their image and scientific achievements more actively through the Internet.

In fact, the BSU has been working hard to enhance its position as an educational leader, as Mikhail Gusakovsky, a leading specialist at the BSU’s Education Development Centre, explains. He tells us, “We’ve changed the design of our website and placed many full-text scientific publications online. Moreover, we’ve developed an analogue of the Webometrics ranking system, so we can daily monitor the number of hits on our site and ensure that our departments regularly update their content.”

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