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Belarusian exports to China exceeded $800m last year

Good figures against the background of global stagnation

Belarusian exports to China exceeded $800m last year

Liu Xuesong, Counsellor for Trade and Economic Affairs of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to Belarus, has noted that, in 2015, our trade-economic co-operation advanced. He explains, “Despite overall negative trends in international trade, Belarus-China trade turnover remained roughly at the level of 2014 last year: an excellent figure against the background of global economic stagnation.”

He underlines that China is keen to encourage Chinese companies to buy more Belarusian agricultural products, and that it wishes to equalise the trade balance between our two countries. Mr. Xuesong notes that work is in progress to certify agricultural products for sale in China. In fact, 15 Belarusian dairy processing enterprises have already been licensed to export to China and Mr. Xuesong hopes to see Belarusian companies advertising in China, to gain better recognition and popularity.

By Alexander Pimenov
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