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Representatives of European business circles invited to implement investment projects in Belarus

Representatives of European business circles invited to implement investment projects in Belarus
By Victor Mikhasev

Representatives of European business circles invited to implement investment projects in Belarus

Alexander Lukashenko made this proposal at a meeting with representatives of business circles of Switzerland, where he stressed that the attraction of foreign investment into modern technologies is one of the major areas of Belarus’ economic policy.

“There are many promising investment projects that we would like to implement with foreign partners. First of all, these are projects in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and the industries you represent,” noted the Head of State, addressing the businessmen. The President also expressed his hope that the meeting will result in new co-operation projects with partners from Switzerland, Germany, Poland or any other country of the world.

Peter Spuhler (centre) feels assured of the profitability of doing business in Belarus

Addressing Peter Spuhler, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the Director General of Swiss Stadler Rail Group, who headed the Swiss delegation to Belarus, Mr. Lukashenko expressed hope that the successful work of Stadler Rail Group in Belarus will encourage other big companies to start business in Belarus.

The President reminded that the project to construct a plant producing railway and municipal electric transport in Fanipol is testimony to the fruitful co-operation with the Swiss company. It only took two years to build one of the CIS’ most advanced plants producing railway passenger transport from scratch. “I have recently signed a decree to grant Fanipol the status of a satellite town of Minsk. I’m convinced that it will have a positive impact on our joint project,” said Mr. Lukashenko addressing Peter Spuhler.

The delegation included heads of the world’s leading companies from foreign states. The businessmen came to Belarus to learn about business and investment opportunities and terms, to find new partners and to promote their products. Nearly all the members of the delegation made up part of the Board of Directors, as well as the Supervisory and Executive Boards of Stadler Rail Group. In particular, they included owners and top executives of foreign companies that hold leading positions in various economic sectors.

Stadler Rail Group is a leading European manufacturer of rolling stock for railway operators: buses, diesel and electric trains, two-storey electric trains, carriages, trams, trains with varied gauge width and other techniques and widely popular on the world market. Stadler Rail Group products are used all over the world, including Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Norway, the USA and Finland. Interaction with Belarus was launched in 2012, which resulted in the establishment of Stadler Minsk JSC. The Swiss company is implementing the investment project to start manufacturing passenger electric transport for railroads and urban mass transit systems.
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