Good acceleration and worthy finish

Belarusian road racer Alena Omelyusik performs worthily in Vuelta a El Salvador road race in Central America, occupying second place overall and top of mountain and sprint classifications
By Igor Grishin

In the final, fifth stage of the competition (83.1km) Alena Omelyusik finished 8th, just 3 seconds behind the winner: Lithuanian Inga Cilvinaite (1 hour, 50 minutes and 7 seconds). The last day’s cycling did not radically affect the positions of the leaders, with Alena taking second place overall and topping the two most prestigious individual nominations: mountain and sprint events. 

Cycling for Astana BePink team in the Vuelta a El Salvador tournament, Alena won the first and second stages, and took second place three times: in the prologue, and third and fourth stages. This continues her success from earlier in the season, during the multi-stage Tour of Costa Rica race, in which she was third overall and won the mountain nomination. Ms. Omelyusik also won the Grand Prix el Salvador this year.
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