Gifts of hope

Belarusian schoolchildren sent “Drawings of Love” to Indonesian children
The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, has held an exhibition “Drawings of Love” with over 2,000 drawings made by children from 35 countries, including Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania and Kazakhstan.

“Belarusian children wanted to give hope to Indonesian children who lost their close ones during the devastating tsunami back in December 2004,” the coordinator of the program “From Children to Children”, Dmitry Kuzmich says. According to him, schoolchildren from Minsk drew over 200 pictures, but only 35 were taken to Indonesia. Belarusian kids wrote “I am Your Friend” and “I think About You” in Indonesian on every painting.
The project to collect drawings was launched by the international humanitarian organization “Tears and Smiles of Heart-Unity” founded by Indonesian public figure and humanitarian activist Sri Cinmoi.
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