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Gender issues high on the agenda

National Assembly’s House of Representatives hosts meeting of Belarusian parliamentarians and Iranian colleagues

The meeting took place as part of a visit to Belarus by Iranian female parliamentarians attending the international conference Family and Women in the Contemporary World: Social and Cultural Aspects. One of the major topics under discussion was the female role in society and gender issues. Belarusian-Iranian inter-parliamentary co-operation was high on the agenda, in addition to legislation and law enforcement practice in ensuring gender equality in Iran and Belarus.
“We’ve tackled issues of inter-parliamentary collaboration and have definite plans and particular spheres of interaction,” explains Anatoly Pavlovich, the Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Standing Committee on Industry, Fuel and Energy, Transport, Communications and Entrepreneurship. He heads the National Assembly’s working group on co-operation with Iran.

The meeting was also attended by the Chair of the Council of the Republic’s Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and National Security, the Deputy Head of the working group, Nina Mazai. The Iranian Parliament was represented by the Head of the Majlis Women’s Faction, Tayebeh Safaei, a member of the Education and Research Commission of the Majlis of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Fatemeh Rahbar, also a member of the Majlis Women’s Faction and a member of the Cultural Commission of the Majlis of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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