Gaining access to the attractive Eastern route

New textile enterprise to expand production in Belarus
By Anna Kotova

According to Langheinrich General Manager Burkhard Oel, in the near future, the German textile company Langheinrich is to launch construction of its second factory in the Brest Region. He underlines that the company is excited to offer further investments and the relocation of another manufacturing enterprise to Belarus, explaining, “We believe that major clients will be able to buy directly from Belarus, where the bulk of our goods can be manufactured.”

Since 2005, a subsidiary sewing enterprise of the German company has been operating in the Kobrin District’s Divin: Langheinrich Konfektion Bel. “We’ve never regretted this co-operation,” stresses Mr. Oel, adding that support from local authorities has been helpful in ensuring the smooth and fruitful work of the Belarusian garment factory and German weaving and finishing enterprises in Schlitz.

Mr. Oel is closely monitoring the economic situation in Belarus and believes the business climate is developing positively. He tells us that his company is particularly interested in gaining access to the East via the Belarusian market.
This year, the German company celebrates its 180th anniversary, with Langheinrich products recognised in Europe and elsewhere. The company takes orders from large hotel chains and top quality restaurants while also working with leading global air carriers and railway transportation companies.

At present, Langheinrich’s annual turnover is about 14m Euros, with 11m Euros of goods sold in Germany. The company currently generates an export revenue of 2.3m Euros per annum but hopes to see this rise to an impressive 20m Euros in the future.
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