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Future joint project under discussion

Manufacture of dried potato puree among areas of possible co-operation between Belarus and Bangladesh
By Lilia Krapova

“We’re seriously considering it,” notes the Head of Promagroleasing JSC’s Department for Promising Projects, Eduard Besprozvanny. “The Bangladeshi side has asked us to construct a factory able to turn a profit.”

Bangladesh is keen to have such production which would promote the provision of the country’s food security.

A proposal is now being discussed regarding the supply of Belarusian communal machinery to Bangladeshi cities. Belarus is taking part in a state tender, organised by the Bangladeshi Government, to supply some types of machinery for communal purposes. Technical conditions, proposals and a financing scheme have already been agreed.

A representative from Promagroleasing notes that their leasing company is working with other Belarusian enterprises in interaction with Bangladesh, to help acquire new technologies. As the state lacks an abundant budget, new technologies and specialists are sought under affordable loan conditions. Future joint projects are already being discussed, including the construction of a dried potato puree factory and a joint dairy product venture.
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