Funds raised from exhibition spent on major restoration

Spirit of History charity exhibition of painting and photography hosted by Museum of Belarusian Cinema History, to raise funds for restoration of historical and cultural treasure: the former Svyatopolk-Chetvertinskie Palace in Zheludok

The construction of Svyatopolk-Chetvertinskie Palace Estate in Zheludok began in 1823, when occupied by the Tizengauz family. The latter were modest in their architectural requirements but developed a large and beautiful park, which boasted its own system of avenues and paths. A stone bench was even created, upon which was engraved the date of foundation: ‘1823’. Famous Italian architect Marconi designed the beautiful palace, combining modernism and baroque features, and the estate included its own vineyard and a wood-working plant.

Later, Zheludok passed to the Svyatopolk-Chetvertinskie family and major reconstruction took place in 1908. Sadly, the last Zheludok owner, Ludwik Svyatopolk-Chetvertinski, (1877-1941), ended his life in fascist Auschwitz.

Before the USSR collapsed, the estate housed a military unit. Today, the image of a red star is still evident over the main staircase, reminding us of its previous incarnation. In the early 1990s, the palace passed into the ownership of Konus state enterprise from Lida (part of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus). In fact, Konus still owns the site.

Various historical events have occurred over the years, with the place experiencing flourish and decline. Alexander Kundinenko’s Massacre was shot there, allowing the once glorious estate to enter the annals of cinematic history. Meanwhile, last September, the palace and park estate became a place for creating picturesque canvases. A group of Academy of Arts graduates has been working on a bright and poetic cycle of sketches over a short period of time.

Zheludok is located in the Grodno Region’s Shchuchin District, giving the world Valery Vrublevsky, the dynasty of Tizengauz, the Catholic Church of the Ascension and the famous palace estate. In total, there are around 60 sites in the Shchuchin District which are important historically and artistically. Each boasts its own interesting fate.

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