Fruitful meetings in New York

Belarusian delegation head — Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov — takes part in political discussions at UN General Assembly’s 66th session

In particular, Belarus chaired an informal meeting of CSTO member states’ foreign ministers. Representatives of delegations discussed their co-operation within the organisation, while focusing on issues concerning the co-ordination of CSTO member states’ positions with the UN agenda. A Belarus-initiated statement regarding CSTO states’ position regarding international security and disarmament was also agreed at the First Committee of the 66th session of the UN General Assembly.

Mr. Martynov co-ordinated the second annual meeting of the Group of Friends United Against Human Trafficking. The latter was created following Belarus’ initiative in 2010 and, at present, unites 21 countries from all over the world. At the meeting, opinions were shared regarding the Group’s future actions to fulfil the Belarus-initiated Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons (which the UN General Assembly passed in 2010). Participants of the meeting also adopted a declaration which will be distributed as an official document of the UN General Assembly.

On September 27th, Mr. Martynov delivered a speech during political discussion, as part of the UN General Assembly’s 66th session.

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