From unique meta-materials to Slutsk belts

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus lists top 10 achievements by academician scientists in the sphere of fundamental and applied research
By Vladimir Samsonov

The top 10 include developments in the spheres of physics, biochemistry, economics and humanitarian sciences, including completely unique achievements. For example, in 2013, physicists created a new type of hyperbolic meta-materials — unusual optic materials with carious signs of dielectric capacity in various directions. “On the one hand, these materials are absolutely absorptive while, on the other side, they are absolutely transmitting. Due to this development, a third type of materials has been received in the world,” noted Chief Scientific Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences, Sergey Kilin.

In 2013, mathematicians developed new models and methods of stability. The proposal uses so called ‘junior sigma-index’.
Meanwhile, experts in material sciences have developed technology to receive conductive paint on the basis of silver nano-particles. This technology is designed to create various electronic schemes. Scientists have also developed the technology of the formation of multi-layer film radiation screens to protect micro-electronic items. “This development can be used in the space sphere helping to protect spacecraft from radiation,” added Mr. Kilin.

Speaking about more ‘earthly’ items, we should mention that agrarians have created new varieties of agricultural plants, including Belarus’ first variety of cereal millet ‘DoZh’. Previously, it hasn’t been grown on Belarusian territory. Also, last year, art experts combined their efforts with painters and historians to recreate the technology of producing Slutsk belts.
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