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Forum will be ‘wake up call’ for the industry

Belarus will host the General Assembly of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
By Andrey Fiodorov 

From October 5th-16th, 2015, the capital will play host to about 1,500 experts and specialists who form the international technical policy in the market of electronics, electro-technics, information-communication technologies, energy efficiency and alternative energy sources.

“The goods which are produced in these spheres, occupy 20 percent of the world trade market,” says Victor Nazarenko, the Chairman of the State Committee on Standardisation (Gosstandart) and the Chairman of the National Committee of Belarus at the IEC. “The General Assembly will be held in our country for the first time. Events at this level usually gather experts from more than 160 countries of the world. They solve many issues, like, for example, setting and accepting international standards. It is also an important economic forum for which the government of Belarus, taking into account the above-given circumstances, developed an offer to hold the assembly in Minsk.

According to the Head of Gosstandart, major competition is observed nowadays in the field of electro-technics. It means that Belarusian enterprises will have to fight for their own place, not only in the international market, but also domestically.

“Our basic task is to ‘wake’ the industry. The enterprises should, once again, pay attention to how adequately their production competes with the goods of foreign manufacturers, to what requirements it corresponds and how competently we apply international standards,” said Mr. Nazarenko.

By holding the assembly, the organisers want to show that Belarus is ready for intensive development in the technical sphere, and that there is potential to create many joint ventures.
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