‘Footwear’ offered for passenger cars and larger vehicles

Belarusian car drivers can buy Bobruisk-made Belshina tyres — manufactured using Dutch VMI equipment — knowing that they rival any worldwide

By Alexander Timofeev

The Technical Re-equipment of Passenger Car Flow project is now included among the most important investment projects approved by the Government this year. The total capital costs exceed 32m Euros, with the programme focusing on the production of 13-17 inch tyres. The new line is to manufacture over 2m annually, with 15 sizes to be available. The most popular 16 inch model is being tested, while 18 inch tyre production is soon to be launched.

Belshina also produces tyres for large trucks — a growing market. Its production of steel-cord tyres is, accordingly, being modernised.

Over the past five years, the total volume of investments into Belshina’s capital stock has been $100m, with the figure likely to rise 1.5-fold in the coming five years.

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