Food preservation is a priority

Belarus to build logistics system for potato exports to neighbouring states

“The Government is now studying logistical issues. For example, we could build warehouses in Russia and other neighbouring countries to store potatoes in autumn, for sale off-season,” explains the Prime Minister of Belarus, Mikhail Myasnikovich. According to him, Belarusian farmers need to review their approach to potato exports. “We need to learn how to sell potatoes. To sell in bulk, as we used to do, means sustaining losses,” he notes, adding that merchantability and deep processing are vital. “If we increase industrial processing, then the need for storage won’t be so pressing,” he asserts.

The PM adds that the country should not primarily focus on volume — since storage is essential. “Demand for this crop will continue growing,” he emphasises. This year, 20 percent more land was allocated for potato crops countrywide. “The potato harvest is good this year; our main goal is to gather and preserve it efficiently,” he notes.

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