Followers of Kazimir Malevich

Vitebsk presents wide variety of art at ABSTRACT-2012

By Olga Bogachevskaya

The exhibition features graphic and pictorial pieces, in addition to objects and installations created by talented young Vitebsk and Minsk artists. ABSTRACT is one of the most interesting of Vitebsk’s artistic projects — initiated and supervised by Vasily Vasiliev (of the Belarusian Artists’ Union and an associate professor at the Vitebsk State Technological University). The project aims to showcase abstract modern art: a major trend in Vitebsk. This aspires to focus on form and mood rather than reality, following the traditions founded in Vitebsk in the 1910-1920s by the local People’s Art School. The genre was connected primarily with the experiments of Kazimir Malevich and UNOVIS members. Later, abstract art was supported by Alexander Soloviev, who much influenced modern artists in the city (united by the Kvadrat Association).

Participants of the ABSTRACT project are followers of the experiments conducted by the founders of the Vitebsk Art School, studying non-objectiveness in art.

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