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Focus on further integration

In appointing Igor Petrishenko as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Russia, President of Belarus stresses that Russia is Belarus’ most important foreign, political and economic partner
During the ceremony of appointment, Mr. Lukashenko especially stressed that, besides working as ambassador, Igor Petrishenko would be representing Belarus at various integration structures. “The reasons for this combination — which was my decision — are various,” he said. “Vitally, we see no sense in appointing one dedicated person to serve some posts, since they do not require major work. The Minister and the Head of the Administration have been ordered to make rapid suggestions on how best to reduce our representation where it is unnecessary. Around two hundred people represent our country in structures but there is really only work for about half of them. Accordingly, we’ll apply a new approach.” 

The President also expects to see this approach applied to liaisons with Russia — due to the active development of integration processes. “The volume of work is huge. Our integration has not merely resumed but is active, due to Russia’s focus on integration. At your suggestion, we’re ready to reconsider this as necessary,” he added.

As the Head of State noted, Mr. Petrishenko previously worked at the Russian Embassy, understanding its work from ‘inside’. Mr. Lukashenko stated, “You are well-known in the Russian Federation and your work is highly appreciated.” Moreover, the new ambassador is familiar with the issue of integration, having participated in the formation and development of related legislation.

The President said, “I hope you understand that an ambassador to the Russian Federation — as well as to Venezuela or other key regions — is more than a mere ambassador. The Russian Federation is our most important foreign political and economic partner, so I hope you’ll worthily represent the Belarusian state’s interests there.”

The President also agreed to appoint Alexander Mikhnevich as First Deputy Foreign Minister, relieving him from his post as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.
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