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Mogilev road inspection to implement system of parking video registration

State-Road-Inspection-officer-tests-new-equipment.jpgA specially equipped ‘civil’ car is to appear on Mogilev’s streets, registering improperly parked cars, as well as speed violations (using automatic devices). While surveying the streets, police cars would focus on areas where cars are prohibited from stopping, so that the recording device can register the number-plates of offenders, taking photos and video. If vehicles are still present on another sweep, generally five minutes later, the system registers a violation (leading to a ruling). Fines are equal to one basic amount (Вr180, 000 at the moment) for passenger cars and three basic amounts for trucks, tractors and buses.

The device can register various types of parking violations — in courtyards and on green zones (as the time interval to register a violation is variable). Four photos will be provided, showing the vehicle and its number plate (taken over two passes). Apart from this, the system is similar to that for speeding.

The Head of State Road Inspection for the Mogilev Regional Committee’s Interior Department, Mikhail Nevmerzhitsky, tells us, “We aim to apply the system to solve the problem of improper parking and stopping: especially acute in winter, when we need to clear snow from roads and parked cars hamper our machinery.”
Traffic police are convinced that the new system will prove efficient, enhancing drivers’ discipline. Moreover, traffic officers will save time searching for car owners, so that they might be brought to justice.

By Veniamin Mikheev
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