First meeting of season

Head coach of Belarusian national ice hockey team — Dave Lewis — invites 27 players

Head coach of Belarusian national ice hockey team — Dave Lewis — invites 27 players. The coach has decided to invite just seven players from Dinamo Minsk (few of which are key performers in the ‘bison’ team) and none at all from Russian KHL clubs.

Dave Lewis working for the future

His goalkeepers are Vitaly Belinsky and Mikhail Karnaukhov, Alexander Borodulya and Maxim Samankov.

Meanwhile, his choice of defenders features Andrey Filichkin and Pavel Kazakevich, Roman Dyukov and Christian Henke, Dmitry Znakharenko and Nikita Ustinenko, Alexander Yeronov and Mikhail Khoromando and Ilya Kaznadey.

Chosen strikers are Victor Andrushchenko, Artem Levsha, Alexander Levko and Artem Demkov, Pavel Boyarchuk, Andrey Stepanov, Alexander Pavlovich, Dmitry Ambrozheichik, Nikita Komarov and Stanislav Lopachuk, Pavel Razvadovsky, Artem Volkov, and Pavel Musienko and Igor Revenko.

Mr. Lewis explains, “The meeting will feature many young guys. Alongside experienced ice hockey players, we’ll attract those aged 20-23, giving them the opportunity to show their talent. The goal of the Liepaja tournament is to check them out, assessing their physical and psychological readiness to play for the national team. We’d like to see how they perform under pressure, rather than take their coaches’ word for their ability.”

Minsk-Arena’s skiing stadium was hosting the event from November 2nd-4th, with Mr. Lewis assisted by Oleg Antonenko, Andrey Mezin, Michael Lehner and Craig Woodcroft. After several training days in Minsk, the team will go to Latvia’s Liepaja — to participate in the Euro Ice Hockey Challenge, playing against Latvia, Italy and Japan.

By Kirill Pirogov
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