First case for reactor is almost ready

Construction of Belarusian nuclear power station in full swing
In October, a case is to be shipped for the first reactor, as our Russian partners continue developing the second. The Director of Production at the Volgodonsk branch of AEM-technologies JSC Atommash, Vitaly Shishov, tells us more.

Assembly works at first power unit. Photo: Yuri MOZOLEVSKIY

Production of a case for the first reactor is in its final stage, with holes already drilled, and threads to install giant studs.  The Russian enterprise will ship the case in October, with further transportation to Ostrovets. At the moment, it’s being prepared for hydraulic testing — scheduled for September 7th-14th; a maximum pressure of 24.5MPa will be created in the reactor case, when it’s lowered into a box of water (at 55-72 degrees); special devices will record all data. A special commission — representing various companies, including the Belarusian nuclear power station — will supervise the tests.

Meanwhile, work has begun on the second reactor, as Mr. Shishov explains. “In line with the agreement, we’ll supply a case for the second reactor in 2017. Work has been launched and all nodes have passed key control stages.” By late 2015, the company will reach the final stages of producing semi-cases for the reactor and, in 2016, Atommash will turn to the final stage.

Russian specialists note that the quality of the equipment produced for the Belarusian nuclear power station meets the highest demands, passing several control stages; each reactor takes 22 months to complete, includes welding, assembly, filling operations, and thermal and mechanical processing.

Specialists at the Belarusian nuclear power station have the opportunity to fully test the quality of equipment, being present at the enterprise during all key events — such as final welding works.

By Uliana Bushui
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