Finally snatching victory

Basketballers from Minsk-2006 win first match of EuroChallenge Group Stage, defeating German Telekom Baskets Bonn at Minsk-Arena — 79:71

By Dmitry Komashko

The champions of Belarus faced the German club as if it was their final battle. Having suffered five defeats in a row during the VTB Single League, Minsk-2006 faced a difficult psychological situation. However, Andrey Krivonos’ squad set their mind on victory. It was clear from the first minutes that the game would be tough and the Belarusian team only managed to equalise in the last quarter, thanks to Alexander Kudryavtsev and Alexey Trostenetsky. Two minutes before the final whistle, the squad then drew ahead by eight points.

Minsk-2006 and Turkish Izmir lead Group G after the first round of the EuroChallenge preliminary stage, set to meet in the first match of the next round. This will determine the group’s leader, and the top two teams from each of the eight qualifying groups are to play in the next round of the EuroChallenge.

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