Feathered Tribe on Pedestal

Pewit was announced the bird of 2006
The idea of this action, according to its authors, is to enable researchers to share with everyone interested the most curious and educative information about wildlife, and in particular about its feathered tribe.

The bird of 2006 — pewit — can be easily recognized by the black crest on its head, its twangy singing and its characteristic flight with sharp rises and turns.

These birds are abundant in the meadows, pastures, on arable lands and sandbanks. Pewits build their nests in holes in the ground and live in large colonies. Pewits return from their wintering areas earlier than most other migrating birds and fly away after the first frost.

Within the framework of the action “Peewit — Bird of 2006” a number of seminars, exhibitions, painting and photo contests are to be carried out.
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