Favourite place in the sun

Belarusian sanitary services to check recreational areas until September

Belarusian sanitary services to check recreational areas until September

Last splashes of summer

Lake Komsomolskoe, Drozdy, Krinitsa, and Tsnyanka reservoir are the favourite places for Minskers to relax, with the shores of Minsk Sea especially popular. For those ready to pay a little (5 Roubles) for privacy, there is a secluded beach, with not only golden sands but a cosy café with terrace, an outdoor swimming pool and a modern marina for yachts. It makes a nice alternative to Turkish resorts for two days. It’s busy at the weekend, so do book in advance.

Most Minskers are happy to relax on public beaches, which are well-equipped, with changing rooms, showers, parking, rubbish bins, summerhouses, children’s slides and swings, and, even, volleyball nets. There are summer cafés, and outdoor grills to rent, for barbecues.

The Director of Minsklesparkhoz, Pavel Bogdanchik, “We set up the site as early as mid-May, repairing and painting beach furniture, installing new rubbish bins, and replacing sports equipment, and outdoors grills. We’re already planning how to improve facilities for next year.”

By Victor Mikhailov
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