Fast food Australian style

Minsk visited by Executive Chairman of Muzz Buzz Franchising, Warren Reynolds

By Yelena Ivanchenko



Mr. Reynolds plans to open at least 200 fast food spots in Belarus in the coming five years, using local resources — construction materials, technological equipment and food. The official shared his plans to join the Belarusian market in his talk to the Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vasily Romanov. The Australian businessman plans to visit our country in January 2011 next, while, in March-April, he is to bring a group of Australian businessmen (headed by Perth Mayor Lisa Scaffidi).

Another important aspect is the possibility for bilateral training of company heads as part of Australia’s state programme on specialists’ exchange. This was also discussed during Mr. Reynolds’ meeting with Belarus’ Economy Minister, Nikolai Snopkov. The businessman stressed that this exchange would be beneficial from economic and cultural points of view alike, since ‘cultural values in our countries are extremely similar’.

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