Fairy-tale characters settle in Nalibokskaya Pushcha

Estate of Zimnik Naliboksky and Baba Zavirukha — local rivals of Father Frost and the Snow Maiden – appeared in Grodno Region’s Ivye District

By Yelena Stasyukevich

New tourist facilities have been set up in the district, with the residence of the magical winter fairy-tale characters located in Zaleiki village, in the Nalibokskaya Pushcha. An ancient inhabitant of the Pushcha — kind old Zimnik — lives on the ancient banks of the River Gaviya, alongside Baba Zavirukha. He is joined by Mikhailo Potapych, who has now been awoken from hibernation, and Baba Yaga and her escort.

Visitors to the Pushcha can enjoy a New Year programme filled with characters from well-known cartoons, dancing around a grand fir tree, horse and sleigh riding (if there’s snow) and buying wonderful souvenirs and hot tea. Father Frost and the Snow Maiden have been invited to the Nalibokskaya Pushcha, as Father Frost is the older brother of 647 year old Zimnik.

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