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Safari park soon to appear on former estate of Radziwill family

Exploring little-trodden paths...

Safari park soon to appear on former estate of Radziwill family
By Lyudmila Kononova

Safari park soon to appear on former estate of Radziwill family, while visitors of Ice Hockey World Championship can visit partisan dugouts and unique zoological gardens.

Dugouts of former partisan campThe Dzerzhinsk District’s Stankovo hosts several military units and a military camp, as well as a 320-hectare eco-tourist site, which is home to nearly 300 deer, roe and other animals, living in a safari park environment. As on the Animal Planet TV Channel, Belarusians can view wildlife close-to, watching fox cubs and admiring herds of deer.

Stankovo safari park is setting up interactive routes through the site, including observation platforms. These should open fully by the end of this year and are sure to prove a hit with animal lovers and those keen on wildlife photography.Iosif Polochanin, the Director General of Agrokombinat Dzerzhinsky JSC (an agro-industrial complex), tells us, “In addition, we’ll offer jeeps, quad-bikes and buggies for hire. We have plans to build a hotel since our five guest-houses don’t have enough capacity. All were booked out by the end of last year, for the duration of the Ice Hockey World Championship, by Russians. In 2013, we registered about 110,000 visitors.”

During the Ice Hockey World Championship, guests will enjoy a special programme, taking them on a tour of partisan dugouts, a 500-year-old oak, the well-known military-historical complex of Minsky Ukrepraion (Minsk Fortified) and Father Frost’s residence, in the Minsk Region. Visitors can also tour the zoological garden, with its 50 species of animals — including ostriches, peacocks, aurochs, llamas, a yak and a bear cub. Guests have access to a restaurant, banya bathhouse, cafe, 5D cinema, shooting gallery and rides.
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