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Everything ready for the holidays

Tourists invited to Bulbash Fest during 2014 IIHF World Championship
Tourists invited to Bulbash Fest during 2014 IIHF World Championship.

The festival of Belarusian national culture will take place in the Silichi Ski Resort on May 18th. Visitors will be invited to a tasting room where they will be able to try a variety of potato dishes, lard seasoned with garlic, horseradish or cucumbers, jellied meat, sausages, kvass, birch juice, barley kissel and many more. They will be able to take part in a draniki eating contest and a Belarusian cuisine master class will be organised for tourists.

Visitors will also see history re-enactment shows, as well as a Bulbash dedication ceremony and Tereshka’s wedding rite. A theatrical performance will be prepared for children. There will also be master classes educating visitors about Belarusian customs and dances, as well as singing and sports contests.

A children’s playground will be organised, and visitors will be able to chill out at a special leisure area and enjoy a picnic whilst listening to Belarusian traditional music. An avenue full of artisans and craftsmen and a photo-zone will be located nearby. Visitors will be taught to make clay pots, to weave various items from straw and to make home talismans. Souvenirs and folk art items will be available at the trade fair of Belarusian goods.
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