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Construction holdings to build modern houses at affordable prices to meet the needs of citizens
By Svetlana Lipskaya

Belarus’ construction policy is following a path of affordable housing, while embracing reasonable market rates. In addition, export and staff potential is being enhanced and integrated structures are being established via three major construction holdings: Belstroy, Belmontazhspetsstroy and the Belarusian Cement Company. Regional holdings are being piloted in the Mogilev Region, tasked with building unique sites in Belarus and abroad, while improving construction, engineering and architectural services. 

Not long ago, the Construction and Architecture Ministry developed a much-awaited document, outlining how tenders are to be organised for the building of affordable high-rise housing in Minsk and across regional centres. Criteria have been set, with the best applicants chosen by commission majority vote.

From 2014, energy efficient housing will become the norm, reducing the consumption of heat and energy by 5 percent by 2015: and a further 10 percent by 2020. Total consumption should fall by 20 percent and we will see a gradual shift towards the use of renewable energy sources: heat pumps, bio-gas, wind and solar energy. The Council of Ministers’ Presidium debated the new concept, aiming to protect our construction market and enhance professional responsibility while ensuring that homes are affordable and of good quality.
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