Epoch ever remembers its outstanding heroes

Zbigniew Brzezinski calls famous Belarusian deltiologist Vladimir Lihodedov’s Tadeusz Kosciuszko in Old Postcards and Drawings book ‘fascinating and informative’

By Konstantin Overkov

On August 2nd, Valentin Rybakov, the Foreign Policy Aide to the President of the Republic of Belarus, presented the edition to Washington’s Library of Congress (the US’ National Library). The presentation was organised by the Belarusian Embassy, with the heads of the world’s largest library and American Congress staff in attendance, alongside representatives of the Polish and Lithuanian embassies to Washington, the US National Press Club, the Kosciuszko Foundation and various analytical centres.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko — an outstanding military commander and politician who was born on the Brest Region’s Merechevshchina estate — unites Belarus with Poland and America. Reviewing the book, authoritative politician Zbigniew Brzezinski calls Kosciuszko ‘the hero of two fraternal nations — Poles and Belarusians, who fought not only for their freedom but also for the freedom of Americans’. The former National Security Adviser to President Carter’s Administration believes ‘his adherence to human rights, social justice and national sovereignty is a sustainable testimony to his historical grandeur’. Of course, this cannot but play a role in the modern relations of our countries…

Vladimir Lihodedov explains his inspiration, saying, “There is perhaps no one else of the kind in history. This Belarus-born man is a hero of several countries. Moreover, he is an honoured citizen of France and the highest peak of the Australian continent is named after him.”

The book is unique not simply because it’s written in five languages. Kosciuszko’s life and deeds have been thoroughly studied and his name remains eternal even far abroad. Mr. Lihodedov shows the path taken by his famous countryman, with amazing photos. Readers are taken on a journey spanning two centuries, showing how Kosciuszko viewed his homeland, the European capitals and American battlefields.

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