Agenda of the 3rd Forum of Regions of Russia and Belarus

Emphasis on useful work

Agenda of the 3rd Forum of Regions of Russia and Belarus

It’s known that in line with the decision of the 2nd Forum of Regions, held last year in Sochi, the current meeting is dedica-ted to cooperation in the social sphere, as well as new tasks and prospects. This topic will be discussed at the forum in Minsk at the general plenary session. In total, the discussions will continue in nine sections, the range of tasks being much wider, though most of them tackle social collaboration in some way.

At the 2nd Forum of Regions in Sochi

“Belarus and Russia attach great importance to the forums of regions,” emphasised the Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Federal Assembly, Yuri Vorobiev, after organising committee’s session. “Each time we define the topic of the meeting. These are currently concentrated on social issues, although we won’t forget about agricultural and industrial matters. From this starting point we will move towards discussion of life in our countries, enabling us to see the most important points of cooperation for the future. This is the peculiarity and strength of the forum.”

Undoubtedly, social aspects are seen clearly in the work of the agro-industrial complex, education and healthcare systems, youth policy, leisure and tourism industry and the work of the mass media: a specialised section at the forum will be dedicated to each of these areas. On this occasion, Belarus will be hosting a stage of the Union State Spartakiade. Meanwhile, smaller aspects of collaboration in industry, science and the agricultural sector will be also tackled. It was decided to share experiences and discuss prospects for cooperation directly with organizations and enterprises where joint work is conducted, e.g., at the National Academy of Sciences, the Belarusian State University’s Journalism Institute, one of the city clinical hospitals.

Economic interaction however, has not faded into the background, as it’s the basis for the social development of the Union State. The proposal of presidents Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin, who took part in the work of the forum in Sochi, to continue business contacts, received complete support. The heads of more than 30 federal subjects from the Russian Federation have already confirmed their participation in the meeting. After the major events of the forum are finished, they will go to the districts and regions of Belarus to assess the opportunities for co-operation locally.

Evidently, opportunities will also be found at the Belagro international exhibition, where Russians are traditionally the most numerous guests. Just as du-ring the 1st Forum of Regions in Minsk in 2014, both events are held in tandem. However, this time, it was decided to bring the agricultural exhibition from the urban farm to the landing field of Minsk-1 airport, located practically in the centre of Minsk.

A further large-scale meeting also coincides with the forum — the Belarusian capital will be hosting the Days of Moscow, where the topic of economic co­­­operation will be one of the priorities.

In total, they expect that the forum will be attended by at least 200 representatives of the Russian regions and around 150 participants from all Belarusian regions and Minsk. The Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus, Anatoly Rusetsky, sees great potential in the outcomes, “The Supreme State Council approved priority goals and tasks for Union State development, including projects to create a single technological and migration space, they agreed actions in the areas of healthcare and culture, science and education. Our forum aims to develop Union State projects, as well as its social, humanita-rian and economic basis.”

By Vladimir Mikhailov
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