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Dreams definitely come true if not betrayed

Legendary bass guitarist Bob Daisley, of hard rock and heavy metal fame, joins Zapashny brothers for K.U.K.L.A (Doll) show
Legendary bass guitarist Bob Daisley, of hard rock and heavy metal fame, joins Zapashny brothers for K.U.K.L.A (Doll) show.

Bob Daisley

Like various other global celebrities, Bob Daisley is planning to come to the Belarusian capital this autumn, to attend the K.U.K.L.A show, at Minsk-Arena. On learning of this international initiative, he showed great interest, saying, “I love its unusual idea of uniting countries and continents, laying a bridge of co-operation and friendship, and helping children from all over the world. I know that several famous personalities have already supported the project, including Tony Moore (a descendant of Pushkin and the Radziwills) and well-known sportsmen, actors, dancers and illusionists. Just imagine us all gathering in Minsk; it will be an incredible concentration of talent, art and energy. A true show could be created with such participants.”

The musician believes that charity resides in our ability to share, while expecting nothing in return. Giving advice to project participants, Mr. Daisley recalls the saying that ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’. He urges, “This is what I’ve learnt from life and what has helped me to achieve and realise my dreams. Insistence and persistence pay off in the end.”

The musician wishes the project all success, and hopes that its participants achieve their goals, never betraying their dreams and always remembering that a country’s future lies in its youth.

The K.U.K.L.A charity show is the first of its kind for the Zapashny brothers, who are famous artistes and stage producers. Including envoys from around the globe, who are known for their work with others, there will be a contest to choose the best life story connected with the circus, within each nominated country. Ten talented young people will then be chosen, who may attend a workshop of friendship, uniting participants and art envoys for a single day; they will make ‘dolls’ of wood, glass and fabric — representing the country or region in which they live. The initiative aims to unite artistic young people from all over the world. Meanwhile, famous artistes, sportsmen, musicians, dancers and actors from Malta, Latvia, Finland, Moldova, Armenia and the Netherlands have joined the project.

By Vladimir Velikhov
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