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Vitebsk Region’s Braslav rejoices as century-old road is renewed

Dreams come true

Vitebsk Region’s Braslav rejoices as century-old road is renewed

Many people gathered in Braslav for the launch, since the road of your dreams rarely appears. The recreation zone on the shore of Lake Drivyaty now has its old stone road restored. Known as ‘Brukouka’ locally, the site gathered a delegation of international diplomats from Latvia.

This road connects the lake with Lysaya Hill and is well-known. It was once a main route into Braslav. Original stones have been preserved in the new construction, with pavement along 200-250 metres. Moreover, its ‘entry’ has been decorated with an open fretwork Arc of Fulfilment of Desires. A new city legend has been born in Braslav.

Part of the recreation zone was revamped earlier and, recently, a sculpture of two cranes was installed near the Arc. Some time later, benches will be placed along the road — for city residents and guests to enjoy wonderful views.

In due time, the western area of the Vitebsk Region should host various festivals, promoting Belarus’ positive image abroad, its national culture and traditions, and the region’s economic potential.

Around 40 heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Latvia visited Braslav for the launch, at Brukouka, meeting characters from Braslav legends, and fixing white and blue ribbons (the colours of the town flag) to the Arc. A fair of Vitebsk Region produce delighted all guests, and was a chance to show the local investment climate and investment proposals.

By Irina Pavlova
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