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Double-deckers on Minsk streets

Additional tourist routes prepared for Ice Hockey World Championship and number of excursions with animation elements increased
By Andrey Fiodorov

The Ministry for Sports and Tourism plans to extend tour routes around the capital, notes Vadim Karmazin, Director of Tourism Department with the Ministry. “In particular, we’ll increase the number of excursions with animation elements, launching additional tourist buses along new routes. A second double-decker will soon appear in Minsk.”

As part of the Year of Hospitality, legislation in the sphere of tourism is being unified, in readiness for the Single Economic Space. Moreover, in 2014, a new spa-resort is opening in the Braslav District. Facilities along the Belovezhskaya Pushcha perimeter will also be improved. “This year, we plan to attract more tourists from CIS states to Belarus,” adds Mr. Karmazin.
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