Designers suggest new alternatives

Minsk Motor Works JSC creates first Belarusian tractor engine with low horsepower
It has taken about a year of hard work by engineers to create a modern low-horsepower engine to rival western counterparts, that is record time. The MMZ-3LD is aimed at buyers in Belarus and the CIS specialising in small-sized agricultural, road construction and municipal vehicles, mini-power units and diesel generator plants.

The Minsk three-cylinder engine was first presented at the Belagro-2012 international exhibition, built by Minsk Motor Works JSC. Meanwhile, the event also saw the Development of Domestic Diesel Engine Building conference.

The plant aims to present other new developments meeting the latest environmental standards, including a series of engines complying with EURO-4 standards. In fact, a EURO-5 standards engine is almost ready. In addition, MMZ heavy motors are being tested by MAZ, BelAZ and Gomselmash, while a number of new engines has been produced for the Minsk Tractor Works. These use an impressive 300 horsepower and have been certified to meet Stage 3B international standards in Prague. Now, these engines are undergoing trials.
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