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Demography as vital factor

Number of large families increases to 80,000 in Belarus
Number of large families increases to 80,000 in Belarus

“Last year, a record number of babies were born in Belarus, hitting 119,506, and the number of ‘large families’ rose to 80,000. Undoubtedly, the policy of supporting such families is reaping results and the state aims to continue its focus on demographic security,” noted Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Natalia Kochanova, prior to meeting mothers of large families and female activists from the Belarusian Association of Large Family Parents.

The Chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee, Andrey Shorets, notes that mothers of large families in the Belarusian capital dedicate themselves not only to raising children but to holding active civil positions and building successful careers.

Over 11,000 large families reside in Minsk, raising more than 35,000 children. Annually, the number of large families in the city has been increasing by around a thousand.

By Veronika Yemelyanova
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