Ms. Azarenko enjoys training and communicating with youngsters

Definitely enjoying training and communicating with youngsters

“When my mother worked in the Palace of Tennis I often went there after school and she gave me a racket to entertain myself,” says one of the leading world tennis players, Victoria Azarenko, to participants at the Victory training camp in the walls of the same sports complex in Pobediteley Avenue, now more than twenty years later. It was enjoyable for the ex-number one and now expectant mother to talk with children who asked sometimes naïve and sometimes very serious questions that were all answered by Victoria. She had previously taken part in a two-day training camp for children aged 12-13.

Congratulations on victory from the outstanding tennis player

Over 40 pupils from various tennis schools grasped the basics of one of the most popular games under the guidance of the ‘prima’ of world tennis. Over two days, major elements were covered on six courts: serve, return, playing at the baseline, net approach, net game and bringing the rival near the net. The second day saw a mini-tournament which was won by Ilaria Grudino while the people’s choice award was given to Anastasia Aleshina. The results of the training camp were summed up in the applause with prizes and sweet gifts. The would-be tennis stars were also given autographs from one of the most famous tennis players.

Ms. Azarenko enjoys training and communicating with youngsters, so she suggested that the children ask her questions. They were keen to learn how to become a champion, how not to react to provocation by the opponent and how to restrain one’s emotions when beaten. “Much depends on you, how you manage to organise yourself and to maintain concentration during the match. You need to take something positive from each defeat and then your opponent will retreat. As far as emotions are concerned, they can be either positive or negative. In any situation try to assess all the circumstances. I’ve always said that if there’s still one tennis rally the match isn’t lost yet,” advised Victoria.

The young tennis players also received an answer to the question which helps win so many tournaments. “Hard work is the most important thing. Talent is also vital. It may seem banal but only ten percent depends on success while the rest is hard work,” explained Belarus’ number one player.

Ms. Azarenko told journalists that she was pleased with this training camp and its participants. She expressed a desire to continue sharing her experience with young athletes. “All the entrants tried hard and listened very attentively. There were both tears and smiles. I hope that children will have serious motivation to practice tennis in the future.”

By Semen Bondarev
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