Def inite achievements

BMZ manufactures 500,000th tonne of metal cord

By Valery Sidorchik

The Belarusian Steel Works has manufactured its 500,000th tonne of metal cord, having been in production for around 20 years. Its metal cord is a calling card of the flagship of Belarusian metallurgy — a trend setter in this sphere. It accounts for 14 percent of the world market for the independent supply of metal cord.

The factory’s iron and wire workshops are among the most contemporary worldwide for their level of automation and equipment. BMZ has developed some completely original innovations, significantly influencing the development of metal cord manufacture. Its specialists are ever working with scientists to improve production and were among the first worldwide to master high-strength and ultra-high-strength metal cord constructions, considerably raising the bar for quality and reliability of tyres. The Belarusian Steel Works was the first worldwide to set up a complete technological cycle on one site (from steelmaking in electric arc furnaces to creating metal goods).

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