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Darya Domracheva: three races, three medals!

Belarusian biathlete Darya Domracheva continues to please her fans. On the eve of the World Championship, prior to which only one World Cup round in Finnish Kontiolahti remains, Domracheva is on perfect form, with every chance of claiming a medal in each event.

By Dmitry Komashko

Darya has taken three medals in Holmenkollen, which hosted a recent World Cup round. Her first was silver for the sprint, being pipped to gold by German Magdalena Neuner, who also celebrated victory in the pursuit. Domracheva came third but remains in the running for the Big Crystal Globe (awarded to the winner of the World Cup overall), as does Neuner.

In fact, Magdalena opted to stand down from the mass start distance event, as she was feeling the cold, allowing Darya to take the lead. Sadly, four missed shots almost robbed her of a medal, as her rivals — Marie-Laure Brunet, Teja Gregorin and Helena Ekholm — performed well. Nevertheless, Domracheva’s speed enabled her to claim silver, behind German Andrea Henkel.

Domracheva is now just 21 points behind Magdalena Neuner in the World Cup, which could be completely overcome within a single race; much drama is sure to come.

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