Cultural wealth should become more accessible

Government adopts 2011-2015 Culture of Belarus state programme

By Mikhail Groshev

The programme aims to enhance the social and economic efficiency of the cultural sphere, with the major accent placed on innovation. A system is to be set up to stimulate extra-budgetary funds for cultural projects. These include the Republican Patron of Culture Contest, as well as the establishment of trustee boards for the most significant cultural institutions, and information support for patrons. Additionally, funds are to be directed towards the restoration of landmarks, such as the castles of Lida, Golshany and Novogrudok.

A National Electronic Library is planned, to supplement that dedicated to Frantsisk Skorina — Belarusian and Eastern Slavonic First Book Printer and the Radziviliana electronic libraries. State museums and libraries are being completely computerised, with new concepts generated for the State Museum of Great Patriotic War History and the National History Museum. A ‘Museums of Belarus’ website is also to be launched.

A national museum festival — Inter-Museum-Belarus — is being launched, as is the National Theatre Award and National Musical Award for Pop Art (annual competitions). Scientific research is to be conducted to determine further strategies for cultural development.

Additionally, four cultural centres are to open abroad and the Belarusians Worldwide governmental programme is to be developed and realised. Special programmes for the training and internship of Belarusian university students abroad are also planned.

According to the Culture Ministry, the implementation of the programme will help promote the accessibility of our cultural wealth — allowing rural and urban residents wider opportunities to enjoy our treasures — while educating others about our culture.

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