Convenient payment for transportation

Belarus and Austrian Kapsch TrafficCom AG sign investment agreement to set up national e-system of tolls for Belarusian roads

By Olga Belyavskaya

On the Belarusian side, the document was signed by the Minister of Transport and Communications, Ivan Shcherbo; Austria was represented by Erwin Toplak, the company’s Executive Director. The agreement envisages tolls over 2,700km of roads. The project is worth 267m Euros, including 158m Euros within the first two years. The initial stage will be launched on July 1st, 2013.

Transport vehicles (over 3.5 tonnes) and passenger cars (except those from the Customs Union) will need to pay tolls when using certain roads in Belarus. The system sets no restrictions on speed, number of lanes or lane changes, easing movement, with no unnecessary queues.

Compact devices are to be installed in vehicles, registering use of toll roads. These are expected to be distributed free of charge, with users transferring their refund value. Each will record fees charged, with pre-payment loaded onto the device at special service points.

Each stage of the system will become Belarusian property after coming into operation. “We badly need to introduce this system,” asserts Mr. Shcherbo, who notes the ever growing number of vehicles through Belarus. So far, only one motorway charges payment: the М-1/Е30. “We are planning to charge tolls for all reconstructed roads (of the first category),” the Minister explains.

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