Contemporary technology provides best medical service

Intensive Care Department at 4th Children’s Clinical Hospital in Minsk opens new surgery block

By Inna Karastoyanova

Both patients and doctors have long awaited the launch of the new surgery block, following almost two years of reconstruction. Leading the first guests through the corridors, Rostislav Filanovich, the hospital’s Chief Doctor, cannot conceal his pride; the hospital now boasts ultra-modern equipment — among the best in the country. Doctors are now ‘settling in’ and have been conducting complex operations for several days — including cleft palate surgery for babies aged 2-3 months old. It’s not hard to imagine how their parents have been awaiting their first smiles. Previously, such operations could not be performed until infants were six months old; the new medical equipment, costing around Br4.5bn, allows doctors to work even more skilfully.

Surgeries for those needing partial skin grafting are also being improved, with special lamps installed in the maxillofacial surgery block to allow perfect illumination. This allows skin nuances to be matched well, giving a better aesthetic finish. Patients who begin to suffer problems can be brought to one of two new isolators, which boast the latest respiratory apparatus and complete sterility.

According to doctors, up to 30 maxillofacial surgeries used to be conducted at the hospital monthly, with the number now set to rise. We can confidently say that children countrywide will receive help. The Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee’s Healthcare Committee, Victor Sirenko, has hopes that another surgical ward will soon be constructed at the 4th Clinical Hospital.

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