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Belarusian scince may say a new word in the automotive industry

Belarus may say a new word in the automotive industry, if scientists convince investors

Hybrid engines, which include ordinary gasoline engine and generator, that spins the wheels, have a distinct advantage in terms of fuel consumption. And the world gradually go over to such systems. But something very much gradually transition. Point is that the hybrid engine is much more expensive than internal combustion engine or diesel engine. And the main snag is hidden in the energy storage device — super capacitors, which are still not effective enough and also require a very expensive high-end technologies and materials. However, super capacitors are released commercially, including in Russia and Ukraine, not to mention the more advanced powers in the automotive industry.  But the extent of their use is poor.

Belarus traditionally not specialized in this area, but perhaps thanks to the work of our physicists in the near future and can be reached a long-awaited breakthrough. The basis for it is a new technology, invented by scientists of Scientific and Practical Center for Materials Science of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, of obtaining of graphene and graphene-like carbon – superalloy material, which consist of one or several atomic layers. It is this material is considered the most promising in super capacitors. The Belarusians synthesized it by completely new way — at small negative temperature and normal atmospheric pressure, other conditions than those requiring very high temperatures, corrosive and environmentally hazardous chemicals. This will make the price acceptable.

— Due to the fact that our carbon nanomaterial is a more perfect by structure, cleaner and less oxidized than normal, it has a much higher conductivity, — Head of the Laboratory of Physics and Chemical Technologies Scientific and Practical Center for Materials Science of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Candidate of Physics and Mathematical Sciences Vladimir Novikov says. — In addition, fewer side reactions occur in it, that reduces the self-discharge of the capacitor. Such a device will be able quickly and without loss to accumulate energy, which is lost in the braking of the vehicle. And then, when necessary, it will return its to wheels or in a contact network. As a result, hybrid engines not only reduce fuel consumption, which should be especially noticeable when driving in city cycle, but and significantly will improve the environment. 

However, to say that Belarusians have already created a super capacitor is premature. Scientific development exists today in the form of a model, that is in the form of working samples. This is small device in the form of tablets, which are testing in the laboratory on the test stand. But all indications are that the material that is intended to create a super capacitor, turned out unique.

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