Comfortable instrument to solve ecological problems

Regional green portal presented in Brest
Regional green portal presented in Brest

Brest residents have now joined the eco-initiative, with the portal providing information on ecological events in the Brest Region. Similar sites operate for those living in Minsk, as well as in the Grodno and Gomel regions.

The online magazine has a news feed, nature columns, info on making ‘eco-friendly’ living choices and info on public initiatives run by volunteers, experts and city residents.

The editor of the portal, Alexey Kupryakov, tells us, “This easy instrument enables us to educate people on solving green issues at local level. Residents may think that they are alone in their eco-problems but our sites shows them that similar issues have been raised elsewhere in the Republic and have been successfully solved. City residents are offered efficient suggestions and advice from specialists.”

The eco-portal aims to unite efforts by public ecological organisations and state environmental agencies. In particular, it aims to beautify settlements, forests, recreational areas and roadside territories.

“This is one more step in enabling us to find out more about public opinion, while using the green portal for information sharing and study of particular situations,” believes the Chairman of the Brest Regional Committee for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Tamara Yalkovskaya. The next session of the Brest Regional Executive Committee will tackle land clean-up in the Pinsk District, informed by public feedback from the portal.

By Alevtina Chernovolova
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