Closer to European market

‘Belarus’ tractor arouses interest at SIMA-2011 in Paris — the largest European international exhibition of agricultural machinery

Leading world companies demonstrated their agricultural machinery innovations at the forum, with Minsk Tractor Works being the only tractor producer from the post-Soviet space. The Belarusian enterprise notes that MTZ’s participation in SIMA-2011 aimed to maintain the company’s image worldwide and to further promote ‘Belarus’ tractors to foreign markets. Additionally, MTZ is eager to renew collaboration with the French; routes onto the French market were high on the agenda during negotiations with potential partners.

Definite prospects have been outlined for the prestigious French market, which ranks alongside the UK as a desirable export avenue for MTZ. The company’s Marketing Centre notes that our existing presence on this market is already a great achievement. Up to 45,000 tractors are sold here annually. MTZ asserts that it expects to renew its co-operation with France, focusing on offering value for money.

The quality of ‘Belarus’ tractors was evident at the exposition in Paris, with several African states (who traditionally attend SIMA) showing interest in MTZ innovations during negotiations. Senegal is keen to purchase a batch of Belarus-made agricultural machinery.

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