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City streets in current mobile traffic network

Mobile operator MTS discovers which Minsk streets are busiest for roaming Internet service
By Denis Ampilov

Nezavisimosti and Pobediteley avenues, alongside Yakub Kolas, Surganov and Moskovskaya streets are all hot spots for mobile Internet access but Kropotkin Street is the surprising winner. Almost 2km long, the narrow thoroughfare crosses the key city arteries of Masherov Avenue and Vera Khoruzhaya Street and is a hub of business activity. Restaurants and banks are found beside a large jewellery store and lingerie shop, the Polish Consulate, a hospital for contagious diseases and several office buildings. 

MTS press secretary Tatiana Kurbat notes, “Where large crowds gather usage always rises. While queuing at the bank or consulate, or waiting their turn at the hospital, people tend to log on. Cafes are also prime sites for online browsing, with mobile Internet proving more popular than the use of traditional laptops.”

A number of dormitories are also located in Kropotkin Street, with residents using their cell phones and 3G-modems creating the largest amount of traffic at the weekends.
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