City of miners to appear

Belaruskali JSC is considering building a mining complex at Petrikov potash deposit in the Gomel Region at its own expense, explains Director General Valery Kiriyenko
By Anna Kotova

As to whether third party funding is being used, Mr. Kiriyenko notes, “I believe that we can build the first company at Petrikov ourselves but, if needed, we can borrow money.” As for final figures of investment, he explains, “Pre-investment work requires modest amounts; the main expenditure relates to the buying of equipment and so on for actual mining.”

The site for the construction of the Mining and Processing Complex has already been chosen, with prospecting work complete at the former Keramzit Plant (which had become unprofitable). Two blocks of flats are being built to accommodate builders — later to become residential apartments.

“The mining and processing complex will be part of our joint-stock company,” Mr. Kiriyenko tells us, noting that the mine will be accompanied by a factory to ensure processing and the receiving and shipping of products.

A second city of miners and related enterprises will soon appear at Petrikov potash salt deposit. The Director General of Belaruskali notes, “The geographical location is very good, with excellent logistics, as the railway and road are nearby and there is a city within 6km.”
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